For Franchise Business Website Owners And Webmasters

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If you’ve been involved in the online space for as long as I have, you know how important it is for search engines like Google to be able to easily (and quickly) find your franchise/business website.

But, Google-even with their 70% market share in search, isn’t the only search engine on the planet. Bing is making a run at things, and other large search engines like and Dogpile, get millions of searches.

The bottom line:

Design your websites and blogs with all of the search engines in mind-not just Google.


You do want to win, right?


For Franchise Business Website Owners And Webmasters

Here’s the thing; it’s great when Google search engineers like what your doing with your website. That means that the Google team sees that you’re acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites and blogs. Your site speed is fast. You’re not using Flash. And, you’re not stuffing your site with too many keywords. Or, junky content. That’s good for you.


Google is a great company. I’d like to get a tour of their headquarters one day.

Actually, they’re an amazing company.  A lot of geniuses running around…

But, nothing stays the same. Nothing last forever. Google may not be the dominant player in search one day.


Working with Joel Libava is a no-brainer to me as he’s clearly one of the thought-leaders in franchising when it comes to integrated franchise marketing. From unique content development to cross-platfom promotion to laser-focused linking tactics… and now,, Joel continues to make it happen! With a growing stable of emerging brands under management and development with Franchise Foundry, strengthening our relationship with Joel is an essential part of our long-term strategies for Foundry and our client brands..”

-Paul R. Segreto, CEO, Franchise Foundry


Important Search Engine Watch Article

Uri-Bar Joseph is a guy that really gets it.

In a post that you have to read, Uri writes about his love-hate relationship with Google-and what he’s doing now…to prepare for

You’ll see in a minute.

But first, let me share a thought or two with you.

1. If you help run a website for a franchisor, or are the owner of a website that is in the franchise and/or business opportunity space, do yourself a favor; add your listing to web directories that are in the franchise and business opportunity space.

Niche web directories, like (ahem!) The Franchise Biz Directory, are designed and engineered to attract-feed, really, those hungry search engine spiders.

Read About The Spiders

You need to get listed in this web directory, and others that focus on franchises and small business. As long as the ones you choose aren’t splashed all over the place with ads, and other assorted gook, paying for listings in quality web directories won’t hurt you. As a matter of fact, adding your website information to niche directories is a great long-term play.

Submit Your Site to Best of the Web!


2. Now, read the little snippet below from Search Engine Watch. Uri-Bel Joseph’s article ends with his 5 best tips for diversifying your web marketing campaigns.


Directories, bylines, guest posts, referrals. Following organic search and direct traffic, web referrals accounted for a significant share of traffic to B2B websites. To diversify your marketing campaigns, focus on getting mentions, write guest posts, list your company in directories, get reviews and answer questions on Q&A sites (Quora).”


The rest of the article rocks. Read it.

You in?

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