Franchise Marketing: Boost Yours Now!

franchise marketing

Could Your Franchise Marketing Use A Boost?


Are you looking for a steady stream of highly-qualified franchise leads?




I’d like to make that happen for you.


Right now!



I’d like to give your franchise marketing a boost!


The Franchise Biz Directory Website

Is different. Really different.


First off, it’s not a franchise portal. The Franchise Biz Directory is not setup to capture leads…to capture our visitor’s information.




The Franchise Biz Directory is set up to attract visitors to our website and send them to yours.


Over and over again. All year long.


As a matter of fact, when you purchase one of our high-performance online marketing and social media marketing packages, you’ll get Unlimited Leads sent right to your website for 12 months.






Not Pay Per Lead

If you’re currently hooked up with any franchise portals, as long as their pay-per-lead model is working for you, continue doing it.




If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”




But, if you’d like to have another lead source working for you, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the Franchise Biz Directory is that source. And, a whole lot more.


Let’s give what you’re already doing a boost.



Serious Marketing Packages

You’re serious about getting more leads. I’m serious about getting them to you.


If you offer franchise opportunities, business opportunities, or products and services that every would-be small business owner needs, the Franchise Biz Directory is the place to be.


I’ve been one of most active franchise professionals online…and on social media for years. it’s rare for someone that’s in franchising to own and run a franchise website like the one you’re on now. Most of the people in this space come from a marketing background, with some computer science thrown in.


Joel Libava is a very creative and techno-savvy individual that serves his clients with excitement and enthusiasm. He is an expert on social media particularly as it relates to the franchise industry. I would highly recommend Joel to both franchisors and potential franchisees.”
- Anne Barr, CFE



Take a look at my background.  


Put a face to this franchise website.






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