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It’s important for you to know a couple things about this website and about me before you invest some of your valuable marketing dollars.

That’s why I put this webpage together; I want you to know about The Franchise Biz Directory…why it’s different, and why it should be a part of your marketing arsenal.

In addition, there is an area on this page that’s focused on franchise news for franchisors. You’ll see it further down the page.


For Franchisors

Start here to learn a little about me.

Check out this page to learn about Directories, and see why they’re really important these days.

Here’s a cute little article about spiders. (You’ll see why I wrote about them.)

The problem may be your franchise website.

Find out the best place to tell your story…the story about your brand.

Do you know how important social signals are these days?

How to get your share of new franchise sales.

This one is for franchise attorneys only.

I give refunds.


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Cool It On Facebook

If you’ve spend some of your marketing dollars on Facebook ads, or are considering it, the two links below are important to click. You may save yourself some money and some aggravation.

Why Franchisors Should Advertise On Facebook Less

Why Franchisors Should Really Advertise Less On Facebook Now



for franchisors

Franchise News

I feature some of our industries hottest news items on The Franchise Biz Directory.

As an advertiser, you get first dibs; just send me a link to your press releases, and I’ll add them to this page.